Ficus Lyrata 'Fiddle Leaf Fig' 8"


Huge, leathery green leaves on woody stems make a statement; this fig wants to be a small tree in your front room! This is an ideal plant if you have space and are the type of person who forgets to water your houseplants. Best to water when the top 50% of the soil is dry (around every 3 weeks or so).

Fiddle Leaf fig likes bright but indirect light and should be turned once a week to prevent the plant from leaning toward the light source. 
Best temperatures are in the 60-80 F range. Fertilize monthly with half strength water soluble fertilizer in spring and summer.

Figs do best when pot bound, so do not re-pot frequently. You can remove the plant from its pot, trim back the roots and re-pot in the original container every few years. Cut back too tall or spindly stems in spring to encourage bushier growth. Wash leaves frequently with warm soapy water to keep them clean and to deter or remove pests.

  • Fiddle Leaf fig is POISONOUS; the sap is mildly to moderately irritating. It should be kept away from pets.