Monstera deliciosa 'Swiss Cheese Plant' 8"


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For you jungle lovers, the split leaf philodendron may be the answer, but leave room for it! This plant will get about 4 feet tall, but then its large leaves start to sag and lie horizontally. You can prop it up with a trellis if you don’t want or have room for the width. Young plants have large, glossy heart shaped leaves which are generally not split until the plant matures and the leaves get larger.


  • Exposure: Bright Indirect Light to Moderate Light
  • Philodendrons prefer high humidity
  • Warm temperatures (60-80 F) and bright but indirect sunlight.
  • Fertilize monthly in spring through fall with half strength liquid fertilizer.
  • Large leaves get dusty quickly, wipe clean with a damp cloth.
  • Split leaf philodendrons are toxic if ingested to humans, cats and dogs.