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Watson's Grown Annuals

May 10 2022

Watson's Grown Annuals
Watson's Grown Annuals

Your favorite annuals, grown right here to our highest standards for 35 years and counting.

Our homegrown plants are the bedrock of our business. Each year, for as long as anyone can remember, Watson’s has planted and nurtured popular annuals for our customers. And as we’ve grown, so has the space devoted to Watson’s Grown. We now boast 85,000 square feet of growing space in four different grow houses. All that space is what makes for healthy growing annuals with robust foliage and beautiful blooms to meet our customers’ high standards. Today we grow the majority of the annual plants, planters and hanging baskets we sell throughout the season. Taylor, Dan Watson’s oldest grandchild, was the one born with the natural green thumb. Taylor is an integral part of the growing team nowadays. He finds joy in discovering new ways to improve our growing operations while also experimenting with conifer propagation.

Here are some of the annuals we grow in-house:


Long one of Mr. Watson’s favorites, geraniums are easy to care for, colorful, and smell delicious. Give them 4-6 hours of sunlight and allow to dry a bit between waterings. One popular variety is the Calliope. It’s perfect for getting that pop of deep, rich red in your containers, garden beds, and hanging baskets all season long. Honestly though, all our varieties are frankly amazing.

    Trailing Vines

    Add texture, contrast, and movement to give hanging baskets and container gardens a more finished, professional look. Trailing vines can range from full sun to shade, are easy to care for, and come in a wide variety of shapes, colors, and textures. We grow petunias, bacopa, wire vine, sweet potato vine, and more.

      Begonias and Impatiens 

      These small, low-maintenance flowers add a splash of color and texture to your garden or container, with no deadheading required. Sun-dappled shade is best, but they’re tolerant of considerable shade (and some varieties can even take more sun). Best of all, these flowers are edible and add vibrance to salads!


        Shade to partial sun, though some can handle full sun. They provide a bright array of colors with interesting and unique leaf structures. Coleus come in a variety of sizes and offer a great annual textural element to your garden or container.


        Humble yet cheerful, marigolds thrive in sunshine. Pest resistant and eye-catching, they’re available in colors ranging from creamy white to shameless orange. Water generously, allowing them to dry out between waterings. Deadheading isn’t necessary, but can promote more blooms. And their cousin calendula is edible!


        Today we grow sixteen different varieties—simply the best poinsettias on the market—from red, pink, and white to the brilliant Christmas rose. Our poinsettias are grown in three different sizes: 4”, 6” and 10”. We also grow hanging basket poinsettias for adding bursts of this holiday staple to any space.


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