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April Gardening tasks - Gloves on, Plants ready.

Spring is here.

In fact, it’s been here for some time now. It’s the Northwest’s longest season by far—in much of western Washington we get about twenty-two weeks of springtime weather. 

That’s great news for home gardeners here, who enjoy more time to plan, prep, and plant. Plus, climate change and La Niña gave us a mild winter, and rainier than usual weather is predicted through May: all the more reason to get growing!

Scroll down for our April gardening to do list, product features, and links to timely and useful gardening blog posts.

What to Prep: Soil for Spring Planting

Prep your soil for spring planting by adding organic material like:

E.B. Stone Organics™ Compost

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Soil Guide

Here you’ll find a beginner’s guide to understanding soil and amendments. It’s a quick read!

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How to Maintain your Space: Feed & Protect

Plants need food too!

Feed blueberries with acidic fertilizer like E.B. Stone Organics™ Rhody, Azalea & Camellia Food

Feed fruit trees and cane berries with E.B. Stone Organics™ Fruit, Berry & Vine Food

Apply Dr. Earth Life Fertilizer in your garden beds.

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Maintenance Tip #1:

Spray fruit trees (after blooming!) with Bonide® Orchard Spray to protect against fungal diseases and insects.

Maintenance Tip #2:

Apply compost, mulch or top dressing.

Give those plants an extra nutrient boost while freshening up your soil.

Maintenance Tip #3:

Control the Slugs!

Apply Sluggo® around your plants and garden beds.

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What to Plant: Prime Planting Time!

Spring & Summer Veggies

Broccoli, Brussels sprouts, cabbage, carrots, cauliflower, chard, chives, etc.

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Flowering Trees

Magnolias, Cherry Trees, Dogwoods, etc.

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Early Spring Annuals

Spring and Summer annuals are ready! Just make sure to protect these from potential frost.

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Vegetable Gardening 101

How to plan and grow an edible garden, from seed to harvest—in a (proverbial) nutshell.

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Making Time for Gardening: Weeding

Though it’s come to be associated with drudgery, the simple act of weeding a section of garden for a few minutes gets you out there and gets you active. Moreover, it’s a task that gives you a real sense of accomplishment and improves your outdoor space.

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Expert tips, planting suggestions and maintenance products.

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